Summer settles in at War Bluff

And what a wonderful summer it’s turning out to be! Relatively cool temps and ample rain add up to welcome relief from last summer’s scorching temps and drought. The Carolina wren that built a nest in the support pole of the satellite dish last month successfully fledged her brood last week. A check of bluebird nest boxes yesterday revealed several new nests containing tiny, featherless babies. Juvenile ruby-throated hummingbirds have joined the adults at the nectar feeders evidenced by a noticeable jump in patrons. The mad frenzy of springtime bird territory-setting and mate-finding song has mellowed into the comforting rhythm of day-to-day communication song and chatter.

Another spring to summer transition are the wildflowers and native grasses. See photos below for a glimpse at some of the plants flowering right now.


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  1. What a delightful report! Nuthin’ better than bird babies, and can’t wait for just a little more rain around here for a few more flowers.

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